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The APCO Institute Leadership Certificate Program is a comprehensive 12 month online program leading to the professional designation of Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL). RPL recipients receive a certificate of acceptance into the APCO Institute Registry of Public-Safety Leaders, a formal and prestigious acknowledgment of excellence within our industry. Whether you are the leader of a work team in your agency, a volunteer task force or committee, or an entire organization, there are certain things you need to know and skills you need to develop to be successful. If you are willing to work at developing your leadership potential, this program will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of leadership. For more information, visit APCO Institute - RPL Program. Participants frequently have these questions about our Chapter. The answers provided are subject to update based on Chapter research and information.

Q & A About The Virginia Chapter

1. Does our Chapter have a Historian? If no, who maintains records?

Krista Kilmon is the Chapter's historian. Krista may be contacted via e-mail. Additional records are maintained by the Chapter Secretary and Treasurer. Chapter officers, past and present, also may serve as custodians of certain Chapter records.

2. Where is our Chapter Charter located and has it recently been on display for our chapter membership?

The Chapter's original charter, to the best of our knowledge, has not been located and is not available. The Charter was most likely issued to the Chapter in the fall of 1960.

3. When was our APCO chapter actually established?

The Chapter was organized and established on October 21, 1959. The Chapter's constitution and bylaws were adopted April 12, 1960.

November 1959 APCO Bulletin Cover Page

November 1959 APCO Bulletin Table of Contents Page

November 1959 APCO Bulletin Virginia Chapter Article

July 1960 Constitution Adopted - APCO Bulletin

Virginia Chapter Formation ByLaws & APCO Bulletin-Fall 1960.pdf

4. Who were the people who petitioned APCO to establish our chapter and what leadership roles did each of them later play in the growth of the chapter?

If you read the hyperlinked articles referenced in Question #3, you discovered the answers (or source of answers) for this question. If not, that's your additional homework assignment.

5. Has anyone ever compiled a complete listing of all past officers for the chapter? When was that list last updated? Is a copy of the list available for the chapter membership?

No. It's unlikely that we have the data and records available to do that. However, there has been discussion on trying to complete a listing of past presidents as far back as possible based on recollection, chapter minutes, and history (RPL extra credit assignment). A roster of the Chapter's life members is available on the Life Members webpage.

6. Without referring back to any membership directory listings, do you know if anyone from our chapter ever served as an association-level APCO President or on APCO's Board of Officers? Who and When?

Joseph Marshall* - Captain, Virginia State Police, APCO President August 1961 to August 1962

William M. Lee* - Radio Engineer, Virginia State Police, APCO President August 1971 to August 1972

Nathan McClure, MPA, ENP, is a retired (but still working a little part-time)senior communications operations specialist with AECOM, Inc., formerly known as CTA Communications, Inc. He had more than 38 years' experience in public safety communications. Nate served as APCO International President from August 1978 to August 1979 while a member of the Illinois Chapter, but currently resides in Virginia.

John "Jack" Keating* served as APCO International President from August 1998 to August 1999 while a member of the California Chapter. After retirement and prior to his death in 2013, he lived in the Williamsburg area.

Terry Hall, Communications Manager for York- Poquoson-Williamsburg Emergency Communications Center, served as APCO International's President from August 2012 to August 2013.


APCO International Past Presidents, Life and Senior Members, Awards.pdf

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